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Kre'Shaye May 07, 2016 831 views

How did you manage to pay off yours nurse anesthetist program, and do you have any tips on saving money?

The nurse anesthetist program cost two hundred thousands dollars, money that majority of us do not have just laying around. Although, I am aware of all the people with the money, those of us who don't have the money are forced to take out a loan that will be paying for more than half our lives....

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Kre'Shaye May 07, 2016 1025 views

As a Nurse Anesthetist, what do you consider to be the most challenging part of your job, and why?

I plan on becoming a nurse anesthetist and have read all their is to read about being one. However, some of my resources have told me that a lot of paper work and meetings are involved. So, I thought that it would me wise of me to ask an experienced nurse anesthetic this question. By getting an...