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Calista May 10, 2016 2955 views

Is a minor in women and gender studies a good pairing with a political science/communications major/minor combo?

Women and gender studies as a minor is something I'm interested in, but I'm told it's a useless background to have. Do you think it's still "useless" if I want it to supplement a career in advocacy?? I am semi-lost with this #communications #political-science #gender-studies #advocacy #women-studies

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Calista May 10, 2016 878 views

What types of career options are there for polisci/comm majors??

I want to major in political science and minor in communications, but I have no idea what I want to do with it after school. I'm also considering adding a double minor in women and gender studies. #communications #communication #political-science #double-minor