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Annie Nielson

Structural Engineer
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Ana Mar 17, 2022 380 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 771 views

How much math is really involved in engineering?

I suck at math but all I can imagine myself doing is being an engineer. I want to do enviornmental (which is like civil) #engineering engineering

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Mar 02, 2022 637 views

What type of math is used in marine engineering?

I have thought about marine engineering because I find boats very fascinating and think I would enjoy engineering them as a profession. #engineering

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Ella Mar 02, 2022 236 views

What are topics to know before going to college for Aerospace Engineering?

I have mostly taken basic classes so far in high school, however, I am looking for extra things or classes that will prepare me for college. I am open to all ideas. #college