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Tania May 16, 2016 1402 views

How do i pursue a future in the Peace Corps? What career or major should i look into? What does a future look like after the Peace corps?

I love helping people and i would love to be stationed somewhere aiding those who truly need it. Ill be truly fulfilled if i could spend my entire life observing humans from distinct areas and giving back to those who need help or guidance. I'd love to know how i can do this successfully and...

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Tania May 16, 2016 817 views

How soon do i have to select my major when entering college? What are people's opinions towards Anthropology majors and what career path can i go into??

I'm extremely fascinated by human culture, social sciences, and history. Anthropology seems like a happy medium in between them, can i get advice on this? Thanks :) #psychology #history #anthropology #humanities #social-sciences #peace-corps