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San Jose, California
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jesus May 24, 2016 966 views

My question is, how and where can I get a job like this?

Im asking this question because I want to know where I can get a job like this. #engineer #computer #software

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jesus May 24, 2016 1166 views

How much do I get paid for working as a computer software engineer?

If I ever get a job as a Computer software engineer In want to know how much i want to get paid. #engineer #computer #software

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jesus May 17, 2016 1057 views

Are there any engineering positions that are both hard and software?

What are some of the titles that would fit that description? #engineering #engineer #software #hardware

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jesus May 16, 2016 1259 views

Is there a difference in demand for software or hardware engineers right now?

I am interested in both and can't really decide which one to pursue for a career. This could be a factor in my decision #engineering #engineer #software #hardware