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Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Triston Jun 17, 2019 342 views

Where would be a good place for me to find/ get a job in the very near future

I am a dedicated musician, I love machinery, I have my OSHA 10 certification and I am 16. People aren' #job t my strong point but I can work with them if needed, I love being in charge as well.

justin’s Avatar
justin Jul 02, 2019 558 views

Is there anyone else you would recommend I talk to in this field?

it would be of great help to get to talk to anyone in this field thank you. #career

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Sep 24, 2019 361 views

What professional journals and organizations should I be aware of?

I want to be able to get the best information that I can about this profession so I know I'm not going into this blind. #job

Weixuan’s Avatar
Weixuan Nov 28, 2020 374 views

What is the word limit for UC personal insight questions?

#schools #college # real life # college life # apply # AVID # SAT