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JENITZA May 18, 2016 884 views

How difficult is it to change careers in the medical field?

I've always been interested in becoming a pediatrician due to my never ending love for children. However, I fear that once in the field I will not like what I do. Recently, the ER has caught my attention and I was wondering if there was a pediatric section in the ER? #pediatrics #pediatrician...

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JENITZA May 18, 2016 852 views

How difficult is it to get accepted into a good medical school if you go to an in-state university?

I've always dreamed of becoming a pediatrician but when it came to choosing a university to attend I decided to go to Texas A&M University in College Station. I am afraid that due to the competitiveness of the field, getting accepted into a well known medical school will be unbelievably...