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stevee Aug 17, 2022 383 views

what college or program could i go to for advanced welding ?

i would most likely want to attend some kind of program to get advanced training in welding so i could learn more ,get more expierence and to get paid more.

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stevee Aug 17, 2022 936 views

how much education does the us navy require to join

From other information i have researched you can join with a ged but do they require you attend college while you serve or before also will they be giving you residency while you serve if you decide to start a family?

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stevee Aug 17, 2022 495 views

can you do welding for the military

i want to go to the navy and do underwater welding for them or any type of welding. Also would i have to have more and a certificate in the industry such as a degree.