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Atlantic, Iowa
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I don't have a career goal yet, I'm looking for advice, I'm interested in welding, diesel mechanics, auto mechanics, windmill technicians, and septic/sewage systems, I currently play multiple sports and work part-time in a tire shop.


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Alex Aug 29, 2022 428 views

Welding Experience

What are good ways to get experience and my foot in the door? Is a shop better for experience compared to a traveling type of job?

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Alex Aug 29, 2022 348 views

Different Shop Experiences

What is a dealership shop like compared to a smaller second-hand shop? What certifications are recommended for working in a dealership shop?

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Alex Aug 29, 2022 368 views

What certifications are worth getting and what certifications aren't worth the time


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Alex Aug 29, 2022 243 views

What tools and equipment are worth spending money on and what tools would you have bought first with the experience you have now

Tool advice