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Burlington, Vermont
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I want to be a Physical Therapist.



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Maris Nov 30, 2022 396 views

What are some good colleges I can go to, to learn about Physical therapy?

Some where nice and warm and no winter.

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Maris Oct 27, 2022 444 views

Do you have to work with needles when you are a paramedic?

I don't really like needles so I just need to know.

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Maris Sep 22, 2022 471 views

What Kind Of Classes do you have to take to become a Paramedic?

I want to go into a profession of helping people.

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Maris Sep 07, 2022 573 views

What kind of classes do you need to take to become a Physical Therapist?

I want to become a Physical Therapist and I want to learn more about it