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Kalp . Jun 04, 2013 123932 views

Difference between computer engineering and information technology?

My son has completed 10th CBSC with 70% marks. He wants to go in IT line. We have two choice for diploma in M.S. University, Baroda. I want to know that what is the difference between diploma in computer engineering and diploma in information...

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Anina H. Apr 28, 2016 944 views

What does a database administrator actually do?

Hi! My name is Anina, and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I saw this job title on a company's website and wasn't exactly sure what this person does based off of the job responsibilities listed. Can you tell me more about your job as a database administrator?...


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Alisha S. May 02, 2016 1032 views

There's too much to know about Programming....where do I start and how do I climb the ladder

How can I gain the required programming experience to climb the ladder? #computer-science #programming...


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Danielle N. Sep 01, 2017 552 views

How do know exactly what I want from my major?

So I know I want to go into computer science but that has a lot within it, database, programming, information tech, etc and I'm really lost at what I want to follow within the major I don't want to waste anytime studying or taking classes that won't be benefiting my future....

#information-technology #databases