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Daria May 22, 2016 766 views

Is it worth choosing a choosing a college with a lower-quality degree program because it has extracurriculars a school with a higher-quality degree program does not?

I'm looking at schools with good engineering programs because that is my intended major. However, extracurriculars like choral and theatrical groups are highly important to me as well. Is it worth forgoing a school like MIT just because MIT's extracurriclars are lacking? #extracurriculars...

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Daria May 22, 2016 1211 views

What major would be best to earn a degree in to pursue a career in pharmaceutical engineering?

I want to be a pharmaceutical engineer to make medications to help treat or cure various diseases in humans, but pharmaceutical engineering really isn't a major in itself. Chemical engineering seems to have a large focus on natural resources, like drilling oil, or working wth nuclear materials....