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Hyattsville, Maryland
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Adenike Jul 08, 2016 5262 views

Hi, I want to be an Orthodontist but I want to first start with being a dental hygienist and move my way on up to be a orthodontist.

I have graduated from high school and will be attending a 2- year college but my plan is to be there for a year and might have to do some summer classes I believe and go to a four year college. I just want to know is this good route that I have planned for myself ? I'm also trying to find an...

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Adenike May 24, 2016 1032 views

I want to be a dental hygenist and how many years will that be? Also after I achieved that I wanted to be an orthodontist so how long will that take?

I'm want to pursue both of those things not very fast though. #dentistry #orthodontist #cosmetic-dentistry

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Adenike May 24, 2016 1036 views

I'm planning on being a dental hygenist and I'm about to gradaduate from highschool but for right now I'm not going to a 4 year college just a 2 year college but I will be there for a year. I just wanted to know what classes I should take while I'm there

I'm heading into the dental field. I also do want to be a cosmetic dentist
Also I live in Maryland #dentistry #dentist #cosmetic-dentistry