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Hazel Feb 09, 2023 299 views

looking for Universty of Washington students

Hi, I am looking for current students that go to the University of Washington. I am doing a college project for high school and I need to get some info and a quote from current students that go there. for any students could you tell me how you like it there and how hard the work is? and any...

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Hazel Jan 25, 2023 310 views

Are there any additional certifications I need to become a teacher?

Is there certain certifications in becoming a teacher that I need to know about? I am a student doing a project about the path I want to follow when I am older.

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Hazel Jan 25, 2023 486 views

What post-secondary education is needed to become a teacher?

I am trying to figure out the path to becoming a teacher and the education I will need for this career.

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Hazel Jan 25, 2023 319 views

what does one need to know and be able to for becoming a teacher?

I am a student and I am doing a project on the path I want to follow after school. I just would like to know more about teaching and what qualifies me.