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Fulton, New York
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I want to be a veterinary technician and work at a small clinic for companionship animals.



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Bryanna Apr 27 206 views

Should I buy any veterinary equipment for myself as a vet-tech?

I have enrolled into Alfred State College in New York as a veterinary technology major. On my packing list and website, there was no information about whether I should buy any veterinary equipment for myself as in stethoscopes or scrubs, etc. Should I buy anything early for my college classes...

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Bryanna Oct 01, 2023 279 views

Is there a limit of how many Nation Society memberships I should accept?

I have received three membership offers from different National Society. The first two I'm already inducted in as National Honor Society and Nation Society of Leadership and Success. Should I also join the National Society of High School Scholars?

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Bryanna Aug 18, 2023 396 views

Hi! Can someone proofread this essay? It's for a scholarship.

How AI Technologies Will Affect The Future Of Education Over the years, technology has advanced to great lengths creating many changes to human society and the way of the world. One of the biggest advancements has been Artificial Intelligence technologies. This has led to many questions about...

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Bryanna Aug 05, 2023 632 views

How do you make a decent essay when applying to colleges?

I'm a 12th grade student in high school who is planning to go to college for veterinary technology. I have no experience into writing personal essays about myself or what I should include in them.