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Nickesha Douglas

Clinical Mental Health Graduate Student
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Monica Jan 23, 2018 1412 views

What are the psychological affects working in the mental health department?

For majority of my existence I have personally dealt with Mental Illness and I know that in many cases one could get triggered on a certain topic. For me though, helping other people who are just like me has always been such a huge dream, but I want to know my risks involved so I am not only...

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Estela Feb 23, 2017 1732 views

What do I need in order to be a mental health counselor? Degree? Steps?

I am interested in this career because I like socializing with people as well as advising others when needed. Additionally I chose to focus on mental health because it has always interested me. #mental-health #mental-health-counseling