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Christina C. Jan 21, 2018 522 views

Do you have to be a 'math person' or a 'science person' to be successful in STEM?

I understand that most anyone can major most anything if they work hard and are persistent. However, it is clear that some of my peers are much quicker with learning concepts within STEM than I am, or it feels like their minds are just wired to do mental math or calculate or work through...

#skills #mathematics #stem #success #choosing-a-major #science

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Christina C. Jan 21, 2018 392 views

How relevant is your major in searching for a job?

I see a lot of jobs, like coding or perhaps marketing and people-centered jobs, that ask specifically for individuals with majors reflecting the specific skill they want (i.e., computer science for coding or communications for a marketing manager). However, if you already have the skill set...

#job-postings #job-skills #majors