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Tess J. Jan 14, 2018 336 views

Is it bad if I am only considering colleges that have my sport in division 1?

I love my sport and it is a huge stress reliever for me, causing me to only consider schools with great teams. Usually people make sure their major has a great program at the school and THEN sports/hobbies, but I am doing it backwards. Is that okay as long as my college has my major too? #sport...

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Allison B. Mar 15, 2018 332 views

What job opportunities/prospects and environments are available to someone with a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology?

I know that I could probably work in a hospital, or a therapist's/psychologist's office. I would like to know if there are any jobs where I would be mobile or could make housecalls or videochat with patients who cannot make it to an office building or perhaps are in another country? (There...

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