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I want to major in psychology and help people with health problems. I hope to become someone that others can depend on and work with them and be an effective support.


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Jenny Z. Apr 27, 2018 371 views

How can beginner leaders strengthen their skills and qualities needed for their position?

I am interested on taking leadership roles but I am still not confident enough and lack necessary skills. I want to take on more opportunities and learn to communicate better and be more connected with others. #leader...


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Jenny Z. Apr 27, 2018 271 views

What are ways that we can build and maintain good relationships with our colleagues and leave a good impression on our higher ups?

I am a high school student and I’ve have had some difficulty with being more social and connecting with others. I want to not only be able to secure a good career, but I also want to also build healthy relationships with others. I am hoping to gain more insight into the working field so that...

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