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Renee Jan 15, 2018 989 views

Are brick and mortar schools really better than online when it comes to getting a job?

I am been curious about the stigma attached to the new university models from adult or returning students who cannot attend a regular university class.
#higher-education #online-learning #college

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INGRID Jan 16, 2018 422 views

Will they consider me, with my degree, as anyone else with the same degree, but of different age?

AFter losing my employment of 14 years. I neca,e motivated to finish my degree. Once I finish, with the lack of jobs, and the competition, will I still have the same opporunity to be interviewed and hired, as anyone else, of a lesser age.#publicadministrationjobs

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 08, 2017 7816 views

What qualities should I possess if I want to be a consultant?

Interested to be a management consultant in the future. #consulting #management-consulting #strategic-consulting #career