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Kenneth Smith

Verizon Home Based Custmer Care Advocate
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Kathryn Jan 16, 2018 612 views

I went Back to college at age 37. How do I manage my marriage and family without it falling apart while I study?

I’m worried my kids will be mad that I’m not spending enough time with them. #work-life-balance #parenting #nontraditional

Drew’s Avatar
Drew Jan 12, 2018 618 views

What classes should I take to join the Navy.

I would love to join the navy because I want to help america on the sea and land the best way I can #navy #military #military-service

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Jan 03, 2018 732 views

If I want to be a navy seal what course is good for me

I want to be a navy seal.
#navy-seal #military #military-service #navy