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San Antonio, Texas
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I want to use GIS to learn more, map, help people, or build ecosystem resilience against natural disasters.

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Miwa Feb 10 267 views

What opportunities are there for integrating environmental science with GIS?

I'm graduating in December of 2022 with a BA in Environmental Studies and a certification in ArcGIS from a GIS semester course, however, I really want to pursue some sort of career integrating GIS and natural disasters whether it's mapping them, studying flood plains, etc. I'm wondering if...

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Miwa Aug 18, 2018 505 views

Does a master's degree open up more job opportunities?

Majoring in Environmental Studies, will some sort of master's degree be worth it to have more job opportunities? #environmentalstudies #job #masters

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Miwa Aug 18, 2018 400 views

What kind of careers can I do with a major in Environmental Studies?

I want to major in Environmental Studies and study humanity's relationship with the natural environment, but what careers can I expect after college? #environmentalstudies #careersearch