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Eboni B. Aug 29, 2018 349 views

How to be successful with the race & gender inequality?

It's hard enough being a person of color in America & the World . It makes it even more difficult when you're a female. I'm inquiring further knowledge on success stories of WOC defeating all the odds against them and paving the path to their future even after facing so many trials and...

#gender #education #general #social #career-path #race #inequality

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Eboni B. Aug 29, 2018 282 views

How do you build a successful career, without any experience?

Many job offers/positions require a person to have experience. If I'm fresh out of College, of course I'd be looking for a place to work. How will I be able to prove myself in my field, even though I'm a rookie/newbie. #jobs #salary #job-market #career...