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Tim McClung

Sr. Training Manager, Delivery - AT&T University / Develop and Coach / Customer Retention and Sales
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Huntington, West Virginia
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Alexis Jan 18, 2018 670 views

How can I get better at being confident in my answers?

I know the answers to questions but I just won't say anything in fear that it may actually be wrong. I want to not care and learn from my mistakes. Any ideas? #general-career-advice-for-young-people

Will’s Avatar
Will Nov 28, 2018 558 views

What is needed to make the Cement into a hard surface?

I am a job corps student and i am really interested in being a cement worker now i would like to know what is the material that makes the cement hard?


Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jan 16, 2018 1051 views

Should I get a laptop for college?

I know alot of students in college uses the computer for taking notes by putting it on vioce type. Which is really smart but the computer I have is really slow on take notes like that. So should I get a new one or should I keep the one I have? #college #computers #laptops #college-prep

Zakeya’s Avatar
Zakeya May 19, 2016 1488 views

What do I need to do to become a successful musician?

I like playing my saxophone and would like to be a famous musician one day. But the problem is I don't know what to do or where to start to become a successful musician. I'm also looking for ways to better myself in my playing skills, mostly vibrato. This will help me a lot. #music #musician...