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Michael S. Jan 16, 2018 443 views

What is the place of bioethics in the field of medicine today?

With claims of subjective morality circulating rapidly throughout out culture, can there ever be a defined set of moral principles to protect the dignity of both doctors and patients, not to mention secure the public's trust in their medical institutions? In classrooms, in textbooks, in the...

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Arial D. Aug 23, 2018 201 views

Is becoming any type of surgeon worth it in the end?

When I ask if it's worth it I mean is it worth it financially, mentally, etc. I've always been interested in the medical field but at the beginning of my junior year, my interest really sparked up, it's all I think about 24/7. I have a strong passion for the medical field but I'm not sure what...

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Jordan N. Aug 28, 2018 207 views

Is it best to be an OBGYN or just focus on gynecology?

I'm set on working in the area of gynecology and believe I want to go all the way and become a doctor. However, I've noticed that many people are OBGYNs, not one or the other. While I think I'd love doing both, I'm not sure if I'm as passionate about the obstetric side. What are the pros and...

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Owen K. Feb 06, 2019 146 views