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Redwood City, California
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I want to go into business working and interacting with people face to face. I am good at management and event planning.


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Kelsey May 03, 2019 959 views

What skills do you need to be an event planner such as either a party planner or a wedding planner?

#event-planning #management #business

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Kelsey May 03, 2019 358 views

What is the typical work day for event planners?

#event-planning #management #work

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Kelsey May 03, 2019 394 views

What community college classes can I take in high school to get ahead in the business field?

#business #classes #business-management

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Kelsey Apr 25, 2019 416 views

Business is such a broad major so how do I know how I can get ahead and pick a career right for me?

I feel like everyone goes into business and it's kind of hard to get ahead in that world so how can I choose what is right for me. Also what is the best kind of business to go into if you want to interact with people for the most part?
#business #career