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Karlyn Farris

Activities Assistant Assisted Living
Community and Social Service Occupations
Los Angeles, California
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Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Sep 06, 2019 531 views

Do you often spend time with your co-workers as a social worker or do you tend to work alone?

#social-work #social #social-worker

Wynter’s Avatar
Wynter Jan 22, 2018 1284 views

How can I work with victims of sex trafficking?

I know I want to work with victims of sex trafficking but I am not sure in what capacity. I am on my way to obtaining a master's degree in psychology. I just know I want to shed a light on how widespread sex trafficking is.

#sextrafficking #psychology #clinical-psychology

Clifford Khent’s Avatar
Clifford Khent Mar 06, 2018 1667 views

What is it like being in the Social Work field?

Can someone give me insight on what they do as a social worker? #social