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Amy’s Avatar
Amy Mar 06, 2020 405 views

How many times a day do you get burned in culinary Arts?

#culinary-arts #cooking

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Oct 21, 2019 276 views

how cool are chefs?

i like cooking in style #cooking

Fernanda’s Avatar
Fernanda Aug 16, 2019 308 views

Do they pay well?

#Chef #FoodService

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jul 31, 2019 454 views

What rewards chefs get?

#chef #culinary-arts

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 21, 2020 347 views

How many steps do you need to take to be a culinary student ?

#culinary-arts #cooking #culinary-arts #cooking

maile’s Avatar
maile Feb 21, 2020 351 views

In the culinary arts field, what steps would you recommend that I take to prepare to enter this field?

#culinary-arts #chef #cooking

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Feb 07, 2020 678 views

Where is the best place to make money as a Sou Chef?

#culinary #cooking #culinary-arts #chef

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Mar 01, 2018 962 views

Do you still enjoy cooking after working?

When working in a kitchen all day, do you still enjoy cooking as a passion or hobby or do you grow sick of it after doing it everyday?