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Avi Kopelman

Sr. Director, Hardware Engineering at GoPro
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Arianna Mar 17, 2014 1494 views

What are the biggest drawbacks to college?

I'm scared to go off to college, do the good times outweigh the bad ?

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Sep 09, 2012 5996 views

How hard is it to get a job if your an engineer ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be an engineer. #engineering #engineer

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 26, 2015 4986 views

how hard is it to be an engineer?

I want to know hard it is to be an engineer so I know what skills I need to be an engineer. #engineering #engineer #skills

John’s Avatar
John Nov 18, 2015 1492 views

Computer Programming, what do I need to be prepared?

How well should my knowledge of programming be to be ready for computer science classes in college? #computer-science #computer #computer-engineering