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Ron Wrobleski

Retired Police Chief
Santa Fe, Texas
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Ricardo May 06, 2015 5675 views

To become a police officer do you need to major in criminal justice?

I'm interested in becoming a law enforcement officer and would like to know what type of majors would help me accomplish this. #college #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #police-officer

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Nov 25, 2015 5293 views

What classes should I take in high school to help me get into the FBI?

I am currently taking Counseling and Mental Health classes (for future hopes of joining to Behavioral Analysis Unit). Next year, I think it may be beneficial to take some kind of law enforcement class or even a crime scene investigation class of some sort. My school also offers the IB...

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Keion Mar 17, 2015 3156 views

I am interested in joining the law enforcement as a Patrol Officer. I would love to know how your experience has been doing the job or working towards it.

As I was growing up till now in 10th grade, I've heard about good and bad police and I would like to be a good cop and help protect people because the feeling that you get from helping others is truly exhilarating. I also like to handle guns, but not to kill other beings. I'm a little nervous...