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Joshua Moran

I run all heavy equipment
Construction and Extraction Occupations
Maggie Valley, NC
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Celeste Oct 27, 2016 861 views

As a forensic anthropologist, do you feel satisfactory by solving a case? When presenting information on a case, do forensic anthropologists get nervous?

As a junior in high school a forensic anthropologist is my ideal career choice. Before making a final decision on my future career choice I would like to know more information about it than what the internet gives me. To get a better understating of this job and to get information from people...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 21, 2018 684 views

What is most rewarding about being an adult in the working world?

Most adults will work super hard during college to reach their desired profession, and once they get there they more often than not feel a sense of accomplishment in their lives. I want to know what keeps people from becoming burnt out in their careers, what is it about what you do that puts a...