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Spring Grove, Illinois
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keyuni Dec 17, 2021 408 views

What do you have to do on a day to day bases to be fit as a security guard?

I need to know what physical practices I have to maintain as a security guard. #physical #security #homeland

Dominick’s Avatar
Dominick Mar 06, 2020 1055 views

What Does a day look like for a k9 officer

A am looking for help whith a life chosie #law #law-enforcement #police #law

andrew’s Avatar
andrew Sep 06, 2019 551 views

I am a student at job corps and want to know what is an average day like ? (in terms of mental health)

#law #police

MaryJane’s Avatar
MaryJane Mar 13, 2018 1661 views

what is the suggested education for special victims detective?

Education recommended like major.
Specific requirements needed to be a detective aside from education.
#detective #law-enforcement #special-victims #law #majors #college-majors