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Muhammad Waqas

System Safety Team Lead - Virgin Galactic
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Mar 10, 2023 588 views

What are the boring tasks of a Mechanical Engineer?

Every job has its dull and super boring tasks that you have to do anyway. I was curious what these types of tasks were for a Mechanical Engineer; or any type of Engineer, I'm not picky.

Ziah’s Avatar
Ziah Feb 23, 2023 494 views

What roles do engineers play in society?

I am interested in engineering fields, specifically industrial, mechanical, or chemical.

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Feb 02, 2023 699 views

What do you need for Mechanical engineering ?

What would you need to get a job in mechanical engineering like do you need to go to collage or a degree in mechanical engineering

stella’s Avatar
stella Feb 20, 2023 691 views

Mechanical engineering job

What job did a mechanical engineering degree get and how did you get the job?