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Karen Williamson, MSN, CNS

Special Care Nursery NICU Upper Chesapeake
Bel Air, Maryland
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Ritaisha Oct 30, 2016 852 views

What is something that you stumbled on or struggle with while studying to become a registered nurse and how has it impacted your career and life?

I am asking this so I can take it into consideration when I start studying to become a nurse. #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 19, 2016 1065 views

I was wondering if anybody in these specific careers could answer my interview question (basically I'm giving you an interview). I've been emailing a few people in these professions but I haven't gotten any answers and I really need them soon. Thank You!

1.)Where do you work? (Provide a name of the company and a description) 2.) Number of years working in this career? 3.)What exactly is your career? What do you do? (Provide your position/title and a brief description of your responsibilities) 4.)What do you like most about your job?...

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Mirelys Mar 17, 2015 917 views

What are the risk or difficulties one faces when becoming a during pregnancy gestation or NICU nurse?

I am a senior in high school and I have always looked into the major of nursing. Recently I have been really interested in being in the area of pregnancy and NICU, but I have seen that it requires much patience, dedication, and carefulness. At certain times I am confident that I can do it and...