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Olivia Jussele S. Oct 21, 2020 220 views

What jobs in the medical field are ideal?

I am still in high school, specifically Junior year, and I still am trying to figure out what job I want to study for in college. I know I want to work somewhere in the medical field but I don't know what specific job I want to get. I know that I can't work seeing bodies that are involved in...

#career-choice #doctor #therapist #jobs #vet #career #nurse

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Samuel R. Nov 05, 2020 130 views

What type of steps should I consider doing to find the perfect career job for me.

I am a 10th grader and I am 16 years old and I just want to find or do something to help me find or do a perfect career job for me my interests are sports a doctor or either a dentists or go to the army. #career-choice #careers...