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Kerry Diehl

Assistant Curator of Marine Mammals
Management Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Baltimore, Maryland
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sydnee’s Avatar
sydnee Oct 27, 2020 558 views

What does one day look like as a zookeeper?

I'm in 8th grade I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having us ask questions about the careers we would like to do when we get older. #tech #career #career-development #zookeepers #anyzookeepers

Trena’s Avatar
Trena May 16, 2016 2525 views

What can you do with a Zoology Degree

I am asking to figure out what to do before studying the topic for the next four years. #zoology #wildlife-biology

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 19, 2016 790 views

I want to become a Marine Biologist, maybe even do mammal training. The university I want to attend only offers a Biology undergraduate degree. Should I go for a minor in marine science and maybe even a second minor in psychology?

I know mammal training is a highly competitive field and I want to enhance the possibilities of getting a job when I graduate. #marine-mammals