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Is a dual major in Computer Science and Math a good combination?

Asked The Colony, Texas

I'm currently graduating from community college, ready to transfer to the university. My associates will be in Java. Are math and computer science a good dual major? I'm also minoring in education.

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3 answers

Kris’s Answer


CS is a great major. It opens a lot of doors especially to Silicon Valley jobs. CS involves coding. Coding involves 2 things: Firstly, learning a language like Java, C# etc. and secondly, problem solving skills. It takes a while to wrap your head around the problem solving skills which require high school math generally. Try free resources like codeacademy or free month trial at pluralsight to learn languages, HTML etc.. Then, go to geekforgeeks or github to solve interview problems. One of the best resource for CS is the Advanced Placement Computer Science curriculum. If you are well versed in that, it will be a great step. Hope this helps.

Srinivas’s Answer


Computer Sci is a vast field compared to other acadamic disciplines. It has roots in math, statistics, and electronics (think computer engineering). Math is a natural domain of learning for those already pursuing Computer Sci.

Think of Computer Sci as a vehicle to solve real world problems that have Mathematical solutions. Can you solve any prblem with a calcultor? No, unless it is a "programmable" calculator, which in turn becomes a tool rooted in computer sci.

Not only does computer sci help solve, but provides machanisms to "configure" and "scale", which is where it shines.

As far as career choices, there are numerous paths/domains that use expertise in both fields. Few examples are Finance (CFA, Risk analysis/modeling), Economics (heavy on statistics), Space/Scientific exploration.

Jacob’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

It absolutely is. I found myself through an indirect route involved in the computer science and tech field which comprises my profession at the moment. Computer Science is completely based upon mathematical theories, and you will be well served to study as much mathematics as you can no matter which STEM field you find yourself studying and ultimately working within. I am very happy I took advanced mathematics courses in foundations and analysis including formal proofs, set theory, and abstract algebras as it continues to inform and enrich the work I am doing and plan on doing for the foreseeable future.