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Why are there no scholarships specific to graduate school?

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I am applying to graduate school, and many scholarships (70% I would say) are specific to undergraduate studies. In addition, there are very specific graduate school scholarships around stem, a field I have no interest in.
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Chas’s Answer


Brian, undoubtedly grant and scholarship funding is harder to find for graduate level studies, because I think the assumption is that graduate students are either able to fund their ongoing education on their own, or that they will have access to opportunities not available to undergrads (ie. GA positions, paid research posts, part-time professional roles, etc.). Don't let those assumptions stop you from asking for exceptions, though.

Chas recommends the following next steps:

  • Check with the Student Aid office to see what options are available specific to your field of interest, school, and funding need
  • Contact scholarship committees anyway to see if they'll consider an application for graduate level education, if even on an exception basis
  • Check with the individual professors at your school to see f they have openings for GA/TA roles, and find out what will give you a leg up in the competition for those spots.