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Practically speaking, are there resources to help balance a sport, 18 hour semester, job, and social life?

Updated Wentzville, Missouri

I will be a freshman in college taking an 18 hour semester, participate in a NAIA Division 1 sport, get a job, and go out with friends. I would like to know what administrative staff might be able to specifically help with this. I am also wondering what specific things I can do as a student that will help me maximize my time. #student #help #job #business #work-life-balance #college #time-management

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Johannes’s Answer

Updated Lake Mary, Florida

Absolutely! It will be challenging and require you to be very disciplined, but it is possible. When I was in college, I was very active in my school's sports program and I was a member of a touring choir on top of a full class load and 20 hours of work per week. Many times, balancing all of that caused me to sacrifice sleep, but you can certainly minimize the sleep loss by meticulously planning your day out. I strongly recommend sitting down and mapping out how much time you want to spend per week on various activities. Be as detailed and comprehensive as you can. For example, Sleep = 45 hours per week, Class = 18 hours per week, Studies = 40 hours per week, Meals = 10 hours per week, etc. Include time for hygiene, laundry, driving, etc. too. Then once you have all your items mapped out, start putting them on a calendar. You will probably learn very quickly that you allotted more hours for your week than actually exist. At this point you will need to prioritize and maybe move a few hours from some areas to others. Also be sure to bake in some "you" time. If you don't take care of yourself, you will be much more likely to burn out.