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Isabelle H. Jan 16, 2018 350 views

How do I combine math and music and teaching?

I love math. Before I loved it in school, I would go work out math puzzles with my uncle Richard, compete and train with Math Counts, take the AMC tests, and calculate measurements with my dad in his workshop; now I take the hardest math classes at my school and tutor math through National...

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Rachel S. May 25, 2018 387 views

Practically speaking, are there resources to help balance a sport, 18 hour semester, job, and social life?

I will be a freshman in college taking an 18 hour semester, participate in a NAIA Division 1 sport, get a job, and go out with friends. I would like to know what administrative staff might be able to specifically help with this. I am also wondering what specific things I can do as a student...

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Christina B. Jun 14, 2020 389 views

How should I choose a career that matches my personality?

I love singing and dancing and acting is what I've always wanted to do, but the acting business is hard and i don't know if i would make it. #film-acting #performing-arts #career...


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Liliane M. Jun 16, 2020 334 views

What do I need to be an executive assistant?

My name is Liliane Moratta, everybody calls Lili. I started working at Medtronic 11 years ago as a Executive Assistant. Nowadays I have 6 bosses and I love my job. #business...