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Psychology or Pre-med for Psychiatry?

Updated Lakehills, Texas

I want to be a Psychiatric. Do I major in Psychology or Pre-med?

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G. Mark’s Answer


Something to be aware of is that Psychiatrists are MD s. So they will generally be in Pre-med first and then get their medical degree. Now, psychology is of course a big part of that training to lead to psychiatry. Someone you may have heard about was Charles Krauthammer who died recently. He was an MD when he had a diving accident which paralyzed him. He want on to practice psychiatry, wrote many articles and books and was a television personality for a long time. He was also involved in politics for a long time. And admittedly brilliant man whose career spanned quite a bit of achievement. Bear in mind that all of these activities will require study in technology, science, mathematics, biology, etc.. So even if you decide this path is not for you, none of these studies will be wasted. They apply to a fantastic set of possibilities for other career choices as well.

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