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what should i do right now to be THE BEST ELEGANT C.A..??

I am a commerce group student.Am in my 11th grade.I want to know what are the courses which are available for me to do my C.A courses further in future.I searched through things.All that I got was ICWA. But it says eligibility of 12 is needed.But I hear people telling me that 11th graders can join there.Now my question is what are offers available for me now,to give my best in future? #accounting #accountant #financial #cost-planning #knowledge-management

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2 answers

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virangna’s Answer

Hi Nivetha,

Almost all verified and globally accepted chartered accountancy certifications require a minimum of 10+2 from Indian aspirants. You might find certifications that have a lower entry bar, but there's two things to keep in mind here:
i) these certifications may not be globally accepted, which means you'd have to study for some other exams in the future to get equivalency to practice in a different territory
ii) from a recruitment perspective, companies generally prefer having at a minimum of 10+2 qualification.

When choosing your qualification bear in mind the places your certification is accepted, as indian CAs (ICWAs incl) cannot practice in the united states without being recredentialed.

Some good qualifications to consider if you do plan on working outside India are the CPA (which requires a minimum bachelor's degree in most states), ICEAW, and ACCA. You may also want to consider doing a bachelors first, which would really strengthen your accounting knowledge. If you do a bachelors, depending on your courses, you may be exempt from a number of exams in your professional qualification.

Hope this helps!

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Daniela’s Answer


I got this college link. Maybe can help you in your questions: