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Mary Borromeo

Academy Head of Operations and Client Management
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Golam Rabbani’s Avatar
Golam Feb 27, 2019 1169 views

How do move into a career in Artificial Intelligence and how can I know whether it is right for me?

I am currently a student doing my A Levels and I am starting to apply to universities. I would like to know what will be a good career path for me to work in Artificial Intelligence, especially in research. #career #science #college #computer #technology #computer-science

Javy’s Avatar
Javy Dec 10, 2020 848 views

Which degree should I get for College? Course that I really wanted wholeheartedly/dream or course that is practically enough to get more opportunities when I finish college?

#college #career #career-counseling #experience #career-path

manifesting’s Avatar
manifesting May 25, 2021 1239 views

what's the best strand when taking accountancy as a pre-law course?

I will be a senior high school student in a few years, and I'm not still sure and confident. I hope those who have experienced will share their opinions. #student #high-school #law #lawyer #attorney #women-in-law #pre-law

Deyvon’s Avatar
Deyvon May 24, 2021 1355 views

What's the best career decision you've ever made in your lifetime ?

#career-choice #career-choice #career #careers #professional #director #career-choice #careers #career #career-choice

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 28, 2021 475 views

How do you mange time in college?

#high-school-classes #part-time

Ichelle ’s Avatar
Ichelle May 27, 2016 1466 views

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in financial advisors. Why do you think that is?

As a high school junior, I spend a lot of my time planning my goals and how to achieve them. I researched my career and realized that there has been in an increase in demand for such prestigious people. I thought of why that was. #business #finance #banking #helping-others #investment

revathi’s Avatar
revathi May 03, 2016 764 views

Where can i meet CA profession

I'm studying commerece and want to understand the sector #finance

Nivetha’s Avatar
Nivetha Sep 19, 2015 1083 views

what should i do right now to be THE BEST ELEGANT C.A..??

I am a commerce group student.Am in my 11th grade.I want to know what are the courses which are available for me to do my C.A courses further in future.I searched through things.All that I got was ICWA. But it says eligibility of 12 is needed.But I hear people telling me that 11th graders can...