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Career Questions tagged Cost Planning

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Apr 10, 2016 970 views

I graduated in quantity surveying but do not want to work in that field. What else do you recommend?

do not want to progress in my qs role what other relevant roles are there. thank you #architecture #construction #construction-management #cost #cost-estimates #cost-planning

Nivetha’s Avatar
Nivetha Sep 19, 2015 939 views

what should i do right now to be THE BEST ELEGANT C.A..??

I am a commerce group student.Am in my 11th grade.I want to know what are the courses which are available for me to do my C.A courses further in future.I searched through things.All that I got was ICWA. But it says eligibility of 12 is needed.But I hear people telling me that 11th graders can...