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Javier May 27, 2016 938 views

What are the most notable skills to have in the computer engineering space?

As a computer engineer, I am trying to utilize as many skills needed for the job. As I'm sure, being good at multi-tasking is essential, alongside focus and motivation/dedication to get the job done. However, what are some other notable skills needed in this space? #computer-science #computer...

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Nivetha Sep 19, 2015 876 views

what should i do right now to be THE BEST ELEGANT C.A..??

I am a commerce group student.Am in my 11th grade.I want to know what are the courses which are available for me to do my C.A courses further in future.I searched through things.All that I got was ICWA. But it says eligibility of 12 is needed.But I hear people telling me that 11th graders can...