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Is information systems a good major?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Things you can consider for this specific question...

What is information systems?
What kinds of career are available with a major in information systems?
What is the salary for someone in information systems?
Are there lots of opportunities in the field of information systems? Is there growth?

2 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated Glen Allen, Virginia

Alexandra, great question. Technology is dominating the world. In the working world we rely heavily on it. This is why it is such a great field to consider. For example, my agency devotes an entire floor to employees or contractors in information systems. The agency would be lost and not in good compliance without it. Why? Because the operations in our office use specific systems that information systems and information technology perform. This field often works

on the back end of the systems we utilize in my agency and others. For these systems to work properly and work well for the user, it is important to have people in this workforce. These systems, Alexandra, if not working could have a negative effect on people who rely on it's purpose. This would imact the organization, individual or families. You will find any opportunities and jobs in this area. Much success to you! If you have more questions please ask.

Kim recommends the following next steps:

  • Research the field of information systems.
  • Learn what it takes to be successful in the field.
  • Learn what jobs & opportunities are in the field
  • Decide if this is what you want to do.

Joanne’s Answer

Updated Montclair, New Jersey

Yes - every occupation from health care to a librarian requires folks with strong IT and computer skills.

My principle job is an IT or information systems person. I have been playing with computers for 25+ years. However, even in my volunteer time with the library, I have the skills to help folks out with using the computers, and with the local food bank, I have the skills to help out with some quality analysis checks of a new program they purchased.

It may benefit to specialize though - some fun, exciting fields are Security and BigData