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What are the best universities for accounting in Texas.

Asked San Antonio, Texas

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Christine’s Answer

Hi Richard! While there are a lot of important factors that go into choosing the right University, the University of Texas - Austin has a really strong accounting program. I used to work in Recruiting at one of the Big 4 and we recruited very heavily from this program every year. Of course, no matter where you wind up, I would make sure the university you choose has the major that you are looking for and if you are interested in accounting at a Big 4 firm, make sure you are able to complete the credit requirement to sit for the CPA exam (this is typically 150 credits for semester schools and 225 credits for quarter schools). Best of luck!

Kristen’s Answer


Every year there are different ratings for each university and their programs/schools.  I would recommend researching each one then doing a comparison so you have the latest information.  There are also websites designed to give university ratings like www.bestcollegereviews.org.  If you wanted more detail about a particular university's Finance school, you can call them and request more information sent to you or check out their website.

zach’s Answer

Updated Miami, Florida

I would echo Kristen's answer, and add that once you choose your University, you have control over your experience. I would recommend getting involved early in any clubs / groups that the University offers that specialize in accounting. Push yourself to network with fellow accounting students and any professionals that may visit your campus.