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Rashaan May 31, 2022 180 views

What are employers looking for as a gaming supervisor?

Do I need to further my education in order for me to get into this career?

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Jul 05, 2018 547 views

What are the best universities for accounting in Texas.

#business #economics #accounting #universities

Azra’s Avatar
Azra May 22, 2022 277 views

Which are the best universities for communications media?

I want to study communications media. But i am not sure about the country and university. I don't know which universities are better for communications media. Can you give me an advice?

Bernie’s Avatar
Bernie Jun 15, 2022 171 views

How do i become a EKG techinican?

In college pursuing a BS in Health services administrator

Karinna’s Avatar
Karinna Jun 13, 2022 485 views

I want to become a fashion designer and don’t know where to start?

My dream career is to be become a fashion designer, however I’m not sure how to approach being what I want to be. What do I have to do first in order to fulfill my career?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 610 views

How to audition for movies / TV shows?

I really don't know anything about that and needed to have further explications about finding the casting calls. I heard we need an agent for that, but i'm not sure.

Qi’s Avatar
Qi Jun 17, 2022 311 views

I would like to ask if I can find a suitable internship opportunity.

I am studying business analysis. As I am an international student, I would like to ask if I can find a suitable internship opportunity. In which fields or companies that i can get such opportunities.

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Sep 19, 2021 537 views

How necessary is it to get a college degree for web development or UI/UX design?

I am a current high school senior considering whether or not I want to dedicate four year’s time and go into debt for a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in design. I am hoping to get online certificates and take online courses instead as I’ve heard the computer science/design...

A’s Avatar
A May 15, 2022 227 views

Which sectors/companies in the business field ask for grades, which don't?

Im new to the village and I have been reading posts about companies like the Big 4 Firms. There is responses that when hiring, they value class grades specifically in accounting. I was wondering how much importance goes to grades, and if there is any changes in different companies or sectors....

Francesca’s Avatar
Francesca Jun 14, 2022 346 views

How much on average do Midwives make hourly? In bigger areas in Texas, Arizona and or Georgia?

I'm thinking of eventually relocating again and I wanted to get more insight on those specific 3 states and the average on which how much midwives make hourly. Just to weigh my options out and maybe where to consider more to relocating so that i can still live the lifestyle i want in the future.