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Josephine K. Jan 16, 2018 259 views

Will complete equal rights be granted to all colored people?

It is said that we are all equal no matter what. But, I don't understand why bias takes place in jobs and school selections. I was wondering if equal rights will ever be considered no matter what race one race is or their background. #race #race-equality #equality #activism...

#ethics #race-discrimination

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Jada D. May 22, 2016 384 views

What is the career outlook for a criminal justice major and what are other related positions?

I'll be entering 9th grade this 2016-2017 school year. Also, I'll be taking course work in Debate. I want to pursue a degree in criminal justice, but I am unsure if I want to continue going into the police academy. #law...


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Carolina V. Jun 30 279 views

When do you come to terms of accepting failure or deciding to quit?

I began college as a Animal Science major and realized it wasn't for me. I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm hoping to still be eligible of becoming a vet student. I keep holding onto the idea that you don't have to be a traditional vet student to be qualified. I have no direction of what...

#psychology #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #college #veterinary

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mercy A. May 06 195 views
Bryan Z.’s Avatar
Bryan Z. Aug 05 149 views

What’s a good career/major if you absolutely sucks at everything related to math and numbers but you are pretty good at everything else?

I’ve been struggling a lot in my advanced math classes, but I did exceptionally well in all of my other classes, including physics. Is there any computer related major that doesn’t involve too much math?(No calculus involved please) #math #mathematics #career-options...


fernando S.’s Avatar
fernando S. Feb 22, 2017 634 views

how hard is it do work as a financial manager

I am am in high school and i've been interested to be a financial manager when i graduate collage #manager...


Cooper B.’s Avatar
Cooper B. Oct 23, 2015 759 views

What is the best way to get into Micosoft software deveoment team?

Hi my name is cooper I am in sixth grade and my dream job is Microsoft software development team and I have a few questions. What degree is the best to get into Microsoft because I know a lot of people apply, and what do I need to do to start getting ready, I have all ready been programming...

#microsoft #software

Shivam S.’s Avatar
Shivam S. Sep 01 161 views

What's it like working in finance?

I'm interested in finance and i'm not sure how to figure out which specific area I want to go into. I understand IB is lucrative but i'd love to hear what the real world experience is like in any of these areas. The salary always seems solid and the hours are usually long. But what's the work...

#investment #finance #business

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Valentin L. May 27, 2016 440 views

What websites or information centers did you use to find and apply for scholarships?

I am currently a senior about to graduate and attend the fall semester at a university and I want to know about different places where I cant find scholarships. #college #university #scholarships #high-school #undergraduate...


Paulina Vanessa B.’s Avatar
Paulina Vanessa B. Jul 30 72 views

What is good advice to get prepared for Teacher Certification Exams?

I am currently studying an undergraduate degree on Middle School Education in Texas. Although I am about to start my second year of college, I will be graduating earlier than usual and would like to start getting prepared for the certification tests. I am kind of concerned since I am an...

#texas #college #july #july20 #teachercertification #esl #education #career

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Julia H. May 04, 2018 323 views

How do people get accepted into residencies after medical school?

I plan to try to get into medical school eventually, but I know afterwards there will still be a lot of options into what kind of doctor I could be. I've talked to counselors about getting into medical school and I know it won't be easy, but what about after I'm done? Where do I go from...

#futurejobs #doctor #medicine #helping-others #future-careers #doing-my-best

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Clara C. Aug 13, 2018 189 views
Shawn W.’s Avatar
Shawn W. Apr 17 101 views

Would you recommend a career in Ophthalmology?

I’m considering going into medicine, but I don’t know what specialty is right for me. I would like a career where I can tackle important problems and make people’s lives better. What do you guys think? Would this be the right specialty? I’m trying to figure out which one is right for me....

#career-choice #science #medicine #career #healthcare

Shannon T.’s Avatar
Shannon T. May 18, 2016 704 views

What is the average salary for one pursuing a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management?

I am a high school senior and I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management at Stephen F. Austin State University. I would like to know this question to decide if it is a stable field and that I can support a family in the future with. #management #hospitality #hotel-management...


Cooper P.’s Avatar
Cooper P. Oct 28, 2015 611 views

how much money does a surgeon get a year?

I'm in 6th grade an in want to know how much money does a surgeon get a year? and what is the average a doctor get a year? #doctor...


Cooper P.’s Avatar
Cooper P. Oct 28, 2015 629 views

how much times does a surgeon have to do a surgery a year?

I'm in 6th grade and I have a question and it is how much times does a surgeon have to do a surgery a year #doctor...


Ashlyn S.’s Avatar
Ashlyn S. May 26, 2018 277 views
Trenton S.’s Avatar
Trenton S. Sep 14 113 views

What carreer is best for me?

I have no clue what I want to grow up to be....


Melissa L.’s Avatar
Melissa L. Apr 13, 2016 496 views

What school has the best business program?

I'm asking because once I graduate I'm interested in being a business manager....


Kennedie G.’s Avatar
Kennedie G. Aug 19, 2018 250 views

Medical Schools?

What are some of the best medical schools in Texas for an Obstetrician ? #career-paths #medicine #obgyn #health...


Nishaath Q.’s Avatar
Nishaath Q. Aug 26, 2018 162 views

How do you know if you're even capable of doing well in college?

I'm not sure whether I should attend college. It's a lot of money and I'm not sure if i can grow and learn in it. #college #medicine #nursing...


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Jessica A. Oct 23, 2018 183 views

What is a pediatrician?? Why I choose that.

I want to be a pediatrician in the future yes I know is a long course and I’ll have to really study hard to be there. My dream possible job is hard but it’s only hard if I make it hard for me. ✨ so yea I choose that for me which possibly I could make it come true if I really want to #medicine...

#nurse #dreams #pediatrician

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Katy T. Jun 12 258 views

How do I get a job at 14 years old?

My name is Katy, and I'm 14 years old. I want to get a summer job....


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Justin H. Jul 15, 2016 546 views
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Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 665 views
Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 12, 2016 401 views
McKenzie R.’s Avatar
McKenzie R. Jul 08, 2018 439 views

How does an degree in Business Finance help in your personal financial life?

Did your major of Business Finance help you with learning personal investing? #finance-major #finance #investing #budgeting #business...


Elaine R.’s Avatar
Elaine R. Aug 12, 2018 218 views

What are your dorm life tips?

I'm sharing a bathroom with three other people and need to know some ways to bond and split chores! #any...


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