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I want to double major with music performance and international studies. I know this kind of double major is done often, but is it difficult to balance so many classes, especially with the strict schedule of music?

Asked Port Orange, Florida

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Eula’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Brenna M.

To the contrary, many very logical people, have also a music background.

Condaleezaa Rice, former president Bush's Secretary of Stare is also a very accomplished pianist.

Former president Bill Clinton, also plays the saxophone.

Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut also played the baritone horn

and Albert Einstein(1879 - 1955) - Physicist who won a Nobel Prize in 1921, known for his theories of relativity and gravitation. He played the piano and violin.

Many people who are logical thinkers and care about 'serious stuff' have an interest and sometimes affinity for the arts. Go for it, everyone has two hands and the human brain can understand logic (left lobe) and creativity (right lobe).

Thank you Eula! I hope to pursue multiple tracks
Yes, and you will enjoy. It is said that music in fact happens student study better. It has a direct connection with math. the 1/2's and 1/5th.

Jenna’s Answer


Brenna- This is a great question. You will find lots of people go the double major route. And you will find it can be tough to juggle at times. The Stetson Music school has a lot of prestige around it. They expect a lot from their students. That said so does the business school. To me it's all about what you want, and how dedicated you are. It may take a summer or two, or a semester or two at 18 credit hours. Both can be done. Just plan ahead and talk with professors about which degree classes are "harder" to get into, so that you can work other classes around them.

Jenna recommends the following next steps:

  • Work smart, not hard. There will be classes that are general and count toward both degrees. See if any international classes count toward general study credit courses for Music and Vice versa.
  • Surround yourself with like minded students. You will have to be putting in a lot of focused study time (not just on music or International Study) so find friends in both areas, or other double major folks to study with. Even if not the same subjects, they will be putting in roughly the same time.
  • Don't give up! Things that are worth while require hard work, so hang in there. If it takes an extra semester, summer whatever, it's ok. Just keep on going!!